Marshall and Lara, Sacramento, Ca., 9/24

"Are you sure you don't need a housekeeper and gardener? We could live here. We'll work for free! Thank you so much for making our honeymoon unforgettable. Never before have we been somewhere so beautiful."

D Rogers & H Hayes

"Words cannot describe this place. This is as close to perfect as it gets. We will return again and again. Thank you for sharing your creation and warmth!"

Tom and Terese , Torrance, Ca

"Beautiful view, charming room. Talk about getting away from it 'all'. Loved the sounds of the birds, wind, rain - loved the geckos at night! Thanks for showing us the real Hawaii. (PS, the bed is fantastic!)"

Jennifer and Erynn (14), Clarksville,Maryland

"Why are we only staying one night? This is on my top ten list for places and houses I want to live in. We wish we'd stayed here our whole trip!"

Chad and Piali, San Francisco, Ca

"We found peace under the mango tree. Here we had a vacation from our vacation, doing little and resting much. Mahalo!"

David and Sandy, Tucson, AZ

"What can I say but beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! Kind vibes and good feelings, an overpowering sense of peace and tranquility - who could ask for more? This space could inspire great and miraculous things. We've been married a whole week now!"

David and Ellie, Castro Valley, Ca

"We loved the room and the world-class view. In fact, it's probably the best view we've seen in Hawaii! The geckos were also quite entertaining! Thanks for the gracioius hospitality!"

Karrin and Ted, Eugene, Oregon

"Thanks for welcoming us like friends to this paradise you have created. I've never awakened to a lovlier view! All the flowers you arranged, the candles, tub, etc. Just Perfect! Love seeing a teacher create their dream!"

Keo, North Kohala, Big Island

"Truly a magical HideAway! Even for a resident of North Kohala! I will remember the November 'monsoon' that erased the Waipio trip and made the HideAway even more enchanting! See you next time, when the sun is shining!"


"Isn't it nice when being in a place far exceeds your expectations?"

Jeff, Portland, Oregon and Catherine, Adelaide, Australia

"Blessings to you for sharing this magical faraway treehouse with us. It's simplicity, beauty and peace will stay in our hearts. Providing this space is truly a gift of service for which we have many thanks."